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My primary area of expertise is in sheet metal with a focus on manufacturability and fluid dynamics.

My projects include:
  • Cast + Machined Parts
  • Sheet Metal Water and Fire Features 
  • Sheet Metal Furniture
  • Material Process Testing

Gabi's Desk

"[Engineers] you will be moving offices, I want you to design your new desks"

By far the best sentence I've heard in my life. I had a ton of fun doing a design sprint for my new work desk. Since we work primarily with sheet metal, I chose to create a simple yet interesting set of 11GA mild steel desk legs for a 1.5" butcher block table top from home depot. 



One of my most challenging projects, I worked with a client to design a 5' long freestanding water feature. This project challenged the balance of design + engineering. Some sacrifices had to be made for functionality, but overall a very fun project that worked both my creativity and technical side. 


Material Testing

Part of engineering work is the optimization of processes and investigation into design influences. I collaborated with our production team to test different forming and welding methods in an attempt to understand the warping behavior of sheet metal and develop design criteria to mitigate it.


Working for a small company, I am fortunate that I have the opportunity to work so close with the production team. At the end of the day, they know a ton more than I do and have a lot of great insights to share. Designs wouldn't be nearly as good without their input. 

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