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Gabi Peters
Industrial Designer + Researcher

Dedicated to sustainable design and engineering, with a keen focus on research-driven solutions. Committed to fostering a better future through innovative design and collaborative efforts.

I've balanced academic studies with two years of professional work experience. This dual focus has honed my skills and deepened my understanding of design principles, preparing me to contribute effectively to dynamic projects and drive meaningful change in the field.

I recently graduated in May 2024 after assisting in research on repair and the circular economy.


Arizona State University, Tempe AZ

BSD, Industrial Design


  • 4.24 GPA, Minors, Sustainability, Studio Art

  • Exhibited "Play & Plant" at SaloneSatellite 2023 in Milan as part of ASU Future Nexus

  • Assisted Faculty with Design Research on Repair and Circular Economy



Human Research - IRB - Social & Behavioral Research 1


Solidworks Certified Professional

Sheet Metal (ID C-AE6RLYBM4Q)


Solidworks Certified Associate

Mechanical Design (ID C-8NDUPESJCF)



10-Hour Construction



Undergraduate Research Assistant - Mobile Fixer Studio

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Jan 2024- May 2024

  • Conducted place-based research involving observation and interviews to understand the
    target population and their repair needs/abilities, resulting in informed decision-making for
    repair initiatives

  •  Developed budgets and identified necessary materials for project execution, optimizing
    resource allocation and ensuring cost-effective outcomes

  •  Designed and fabricated a functional Mobile Repair Station utilizing CNC and sheet metal
    manufacturing techniques, enhancing efficiency and quality of repair services provided

  • Collected and reported data from testing the prototype, leading to actionable insights and
    improvements in the Mobile Repair Station's performance and usability

Engineering Lead

Majestic Water Spouts, Tempe, AZ

Sept 2023- Feb 2024

  • Effectively delegated tasks based on team members' strengths and workload, optimizing productivity and fostering a collaborative work environment

  • Maintained open communication with clients, ensuring project clarity and delivering satisfactory results

  • Managed orders and 50-100 active projects, fostering balanced workflow and timely project completions

  • Established and maintained strong relationships with vendors, facilitating smooth communication

Design Engineer

Majestic Water Spouts, Tempe, AZ

Nov 2022- Aug 2023

  • Collaborated with manufacturing to optimize processes, increasing efficiency and cost  

  • Developed complex custom sheet metal features, meeting unique client needs and enhancing product functionality

  • Implemented workflow optimization strategies in Solidworks, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined operations

Jr Design Engineer

Majestic Water Spouts, Tempe, AZ

July 2022- Oct 2022

  • Successfully completed numerous CAD drafting projects with precision contributing to project advancement and client satisfaction

  • Led the implementation of a comprehensive file organization system, improving team productivity and collaboration

Construction Worker

Kittle Design and Construction, Tucson, AZ

June - July 2022

  • Demonstrated self-reliance and resourcefulness in understaffed projects, efficiently resolved client miscommunication, resulting in shortened timelines and increased client satisfaction

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